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Tax Services In Mawson Lakes

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Services Offered

We offer a wide range of professional tax services, all listed below. Our services start at $80 and vary depending on services required.
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Normal Wages

The word normal doesn’t always translate to easy. We understand – even taxes that deal with your regular income can be difficult. We’re here to help make it easy. 


Whether you’re renting or an owner of an apartment, home or another type of real estate, we can help you sort out your taxes accordingly. Contact our team to receive easy help. 


Our team has years of experience dealing with investments when it comes to taxes. Though it can be confusing, we have the necessary know-how to get it done right. 


Dividends are the returns you see after investing in a company. Usually paid twice a year, they’re great to receive but can be unclear when talked about in tax terms. Let us help. 


Shares can be confusing in the tax world. With policies and tax laws that are constantly in flux, it may be hard to know how to proceed properly on your own. Our friendly team will help you.

Capital Gain

After selling an asset, whether you personally owned it or as part of a business, taxes are necessary. Whether you sold shares, property or a building, we can help you make sense of your tax duties.

Sole Trade

If you’re a sole trader and have questions about your tax responsibilities (possible deductions, ABN’s and more), please call our team. We’ve got the necessary experience to help.

Small And Large Businesses

Whether you’re a small or large business owner, tax season can seem daunting. Using our knowledgeable team at Tax Expo allows you to refocus on other important issues. 


Trusts, which are mainly used for purposes regarding investments and business, can be a headache when it comes to taxes. With Tax Expo, we’ll make sure you get it right. 

Call With Any Questions

Our friendly staff is extremely apt at all things taxes. When you use Tax Expo, you’re making sure you get the highest tax returns possible. Call now for a free quote.
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